Get Barefaced...

The Smart Sex-Positive Game

It’s Like A Sigh Of Relief!

Man holding Barefaced card

Its Not Just A Game…It’s Sexual Empowerment

How It Works

(For two or more players ages 12-112)

Teen girl holding Barefaced game card

Level One: Start off learning some scientific facts about human sexuality…

True or False?

Level Two: Continue with the naked truth about history, culture, and animals…

A Truth and Two Lies
Man holding Barefaced game card
Teen boy holding Barefaced game card

 Level Three: Go deeper into self-reflection and empathy. With luck, you’ll continue…

Would You Rather?

The Final Level ...


Now is your chance to obnoxiously call out a commonly stigmatized word. It may feel wrong… but it’s sooo right! 

With this glorious release of shame, you’re one step closer to being a Barefaced winner!

Time To Get Over The Hump

Talking about sex and sexuality feels different than any other kind of conversation. It’s awkward, overwhelming, and can make us feel vulnerable.

 Barefaced was created by a certified sexuality educator to make it easier.

No more stammering, stuttering, or freezing in your tracks. Say goodbye to people rolling their eyes and scattering to their rooms. Now talking about sex can actually be fun!

Barefaced is a revolutionary new tool that helps conversations happen naturally.

It creates opportunities for spontaneous conversations, even after you’re done playing! It helps break the ice, provides the important topics to talk about, and makes everyone laugh.

Barefaced is a shameless game…about the facts of life. 

It's Fun!

It's Easy!

It turns awkward conversations into normal ones.

Conversations About Sex Get More Real...Less Weird

Two men and a teen playing Barefaced sex education game

Barefaced is sexual Empowerment

Teen boy
16 years
Lots of room for discussion, it was really interesting. I learned a lot!
woman with glasses
48 years
Super fun to laugh and learn with my son. Provided opportunities to expand, explain some topics, and help me identify what he does and doesn't already know.
young woman smiling
28 years
A fun way to connect with my husband! We laughed and learned a few things.
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Therapists use Barefaced game in counseling and therapy
Parents and Caregivers approve of Barefaced sex ed
Tweens and teens love playing Barefaced sexuality game
friends and lovers like playing barefaced game
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