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Sex Ed That's Easy And Fun!

It’s not just a game…it’s a sigh of relief.

teen and mom playing Barefaced sex ed game

Turn awkward conversations into normal ones!

How To Play

(For two or more players ages 12-112)

Teen girl holding Barefaced game card

Level One: Start off learning some scientific facts about human sexuality…

True or False?

Level Two: Continue with the naked truth about history, culture, and strange animal facts…

A Truth and Two Lies
Man holding Barefaced game card
Teen boy holding Barefaced game card

 Level Three: Go deeper into self-reflection and empathy. If you’re lucky, move on to the next level…

Would You Rather?

The Final Level...


Now is your chance to obnoxiously call out a commonly stigmatized word. It may feel wrong… but it’s sooo right! 

With this glorious release of shame, you’re one step closer to being a Barefaced winner!

You Don't Have To Force Conversations...Play Barefaced!

Modern times call for a new level of sex ed, and home is where it’s at.

But, teens don’t want to talk about sex with their family, do they? 

Don’t let the eye-rolls and yucky faces fool you…they do! 

Research shows most teens wish their parents and caregivers talked with them more about sexuality-related topics. It also shows they probably aren’t going to be the one to start the conversation. Sorry.

Talking about sex and sexuality can turn a bright-eyed teen into a brick wall. 

So, what are you supposed to do? 

You want them to hear what you have to say, and they want the information. But the more you talk, the less they listen!

Here’s what not to do:

  • put off talking about sex and sexuality until you think they’re ready
  • let friends and sexualized media become the main sources of information
  • rely on school to teach everything they need to know
  • let their discomfort (and yours) prevent learning

There’s no way around it. Sexuality educators agree the best way to teach kids and teens about sex and sexuality is to have lots of little conversations…before they’re ready to have sex. 

Easier said than done, right?  

It’s understandable…these kinds of conversations feel different than any other kind of conversation.

We know that:

  • Serious face to face talks won’t work.
  • Researching what to talk about and getting the facts straight takes time that you don’t have.
  • Knowing what’s going on in your kid’s head is challenging.

No one taught us how to do this, and it’s complicated!

This is a confusing time for kids and adults. Despite the mountains of sexualized media everywhere, we live in a sex-negative culture. 

Most of us grew up in households that shut down conversations about sexuality or just handed us a book. Sex ed class was, and mostly still is, a joke.

If you don’t educate your kids about sex, the internet will. 

Barefaced was created by a certified holistic sexuality educator to help. It’s a game that normalizes talking about sex and sexuality. 

We want parents and caregivers to be the first place kids go for sexuality information. Spend your precious time connecting with your family and learn up to date sex ed together. 

You don’t even have to embarrass your teen because Barefaced does that for you! (Don’t worry…you’ll all be laughing.) 

There’s so much packed into this game, you could play once a week for a whole year and still find new things to talk about. It even opens the door to conversations happening when you’re not playing!

Most importantly, it helps teens talk about sexuality-topics that matter.

This little box of cards contains more than it seems. Take a look at what you get: 

  • Awkward conversations turn into normal ones
  • Recommended comprehensive sex ed topics
  • Customizable to fit different levels of comfort and need
  • Designed so you can insert your unique family values
  • Encourages responsible behavior, self reflection, and empathy.
  • Opportunity to connect with family, friends, and partners.
  • Empowers sexual health and well being
Barefaced isn’t just an easy way to bring sex ed home, it’s a smart, sex-positive game that makes you laugh. 
Try it…you’ll like it!

It's Fun!

It's Educational!

(and it makes you cool)

Barefaced Is A Sex Ed Game Changer

Two men and a teen playing Barefaced sex education game

Talking About Sex Has Never Felt So Easy!

Teen boy
16 years
Lots of room for discussion, it was really interesting. I learned a lot!
woman with glasses
48 years
Super fun to laugh and learn with my son. Provided opportunities to expand, explain some topics, and help me identify what he does and doesn't already know.
teen gender non-conforming
14 years
I liked that it was shameless and didn't sugar coat anything..
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Therapists use Barefaced game in counseling and therapy
Parents and Caregivers approve of Barefaced sex ed
Tweens and teens love playing Barefaced sexuality game
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