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Parenting teens and tweens means talking about sex. Whether it's our sex-negative culture, poor sex education, or misinformation from free online porn, raising teens today requires more than just “the talk”.  Comprehensive sex ed curriculum in school is a start, but the most effective safe sex education can happen at home. Are you ready? 

Modern Sex Education + Fun!

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Barefaced - Sex Ed Game
Barefaced - Sex Ed Game
Barefaced - Sex Ed Game
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Barefaced Tote
Barefaced Tote
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Our Mission

Have you ever noticed how sex is everywhere but no one wants to talk about it? 

This useless stigma has got to go and we're on a mission to do something about it.

We want everyone to talk MORE about sex and sexuality...without feeling weird.

 Barefaced game has been test driven by many families at this point, as well as sex educators, counselors and therapists. I think this will be a new tool we can refer people to when they don't know how to talk to their kids about sexuality.

Roz Dischiavo
Founder & Executive Director at Institute for Sexuality Education and Enlightenment

At first I was nervous about playing Barefaced with my family but then I really liked playing it with my family!

Hesitant Husband

Super fun to laugh and learn with my kid. Barefaced provided opportunities to expand and explain some topics and help me identify what they do and don't already know. Helped clear up some misconceptions too!

Sex-Positive Parent

I like that Barefaced is shameless and doesn't sugar coat anything. It helped me talk about this stuff and not feel too embarrassed.

Truth Telling Teen


Nyssa Everhart

Certified Holistic Sexuality Educator

Nyssa created Barefaced game when she got fed up with her kid’s school teaching sexual shame and free online porn "teaching" the sex ed. 

She received her certification from the Institute for Sexuality Education and Enlightenment and is an ambassador for The Porn Conversation.

She's all about normalizing shameless conversations and wants to help you do the same.