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Barefaced Game Sex Education Box Front

Modern times call for a new level of sex ed...

Home is where it’s at!

Teens don’t want to talk about sex with their family, or do they? Don’t let the eye-rolls and yucky faces fool you…research shows they do! Most teens wish their parents and caregivers talked with them more about sexuality-related topics.

But, they probably won't start the conversation...sorry.

So, what are you supposed to do? You want them to hear what you have to say, and they want the information. But the more you talk, the less they listen!

Phone in Hand Illustration

Here’s what not to do:

  • Put off talking about sex and sexuality until you think they’re ready
  • Let friends and media become the main sources of information
  • Rely on school to teach everything they need to know
  • Let their discomfort (and yours) prevent learning
Barefaced Game Sex Education Box Front with Cards

You Don’t Have To Force Conversations…
Play Barefaced!

Easier said than done, right?

Sexuality educators agree the best way to teach kids and teens about sex and sexuality is to have lots of little conversations…before they’re ready to have sex.

But, it can be awkward…these kinds of conversations feel different than any other kind of conversation.

We Know That:

1. Serious face to face talks don’t work.
2. Figuring out what to talk about and getting the facts straight takes time you don’t have.
3. Knowing what’s going on in your kid’s head is challenging.

No one taught us how to do this, and it’s complicated!

Most of us grew up in households with little to no sexuality education. It’s understandable…we live in a sex-negative culture.

These days, we’re all being bombarded with massive amounts of misinformation. We can’t afford to avoid these conversations anymore.

How many kids (and adults) have to suffer from sexual shame and confusion? How many relationships have to fail because we’re afraid to talk about sex? Do you really want your kid learning about sex from porn stars?

We know it feels weird, but it’s worth it. Open conversations about sex and sexuality can improve your relationships, increase your kid’s safety, and be fun!


Phone in Hand Illustration

Barefaced game takes the torture out of  "the talk".

Turn awkward conversations into normal ones!

How To Play

(For two or more players ages 12-112)

Barefaced Game Step 1

Level One:

True or False

Start off learning some scientific facts about human sexuality…

Teen girl holding Barefaced game card
Man holding Barefaced game card
Barefaced Game Step 2

Level Two:

True or False

Continue with the naked truth about history, culture, and strange animal facts…

Barefaced Game Step 3

Level Three:

Would you Rather?

Go deeper into self-reflection and empathy. If you’re lucky, move on to the next level…

Teen boy holding Barefaced game card
Barefaced Game Step 4



Now is your chance to obnoxiously call out a commonly stigmatized word. It may feel wrong… but it’s sooo right!

Play the game, No shame.

With this glorious release of shame, you’re one step closer to being a Barefaced winner!