5 Fundamentals of Empowered Sexuality


  • Want your teens to feel safe, secure and responsible in their relationships?
  • Do you wish you could do a better job at “the talk” than your parents did?
  • Want your kids to actually hear what you have to say?

Breakthrough the awkward with the The 5 Fundamentals of Empowered Sexuality E-book and activity guide!

This is what you need to get “The Talk” started…the right way. It’s a perfect way to prepare you and your loved ones for playing Barefaced game.

In this activity guide, you learn about the top five fundamental qualities of a sexually healthy adult by participating in fun, interactive projects. You also get downloadable tools and additional support sent to your email that help guide you through these five ice-breaker activities:

  1. Baby Yourself- A fun collage activity that encourages healthy body awareness.
  2. The Sucky Make Out Session- A creative story telling template that helps you explore the importance of enjoying sexual feelings without acting on them.
  3. The Boundaries and Consent Contract- A fill-in-the-blank activity that helps you be responsible for your own sexual behavior.
  4. The Pleasure Tour- A guided journey into the appropriate ways of expressing love and intimacy.
  5. Expose Yourself- Another fun collage activity that helps you become an effective communicator.

Each activity takes about one hour to complete. No previous sex ed training or creative skills required! This is easy, effective, modern sexuality education where it matters most…at home.

Start now..before it’s too late!  Good for middle schoolers and beyond.



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