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Who is Nyssa Everhart and why BAREFACED?

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About Nyssa Everhart

The name Nyssa means “to aim high” and that’s what she does. This creative lady wants to help make the world a better place and have fun while doing it. 

Nyssa is the middle of three sisters who all look alike, the daughter of a psychotherapist and a professor, an art school graduate, a certified holistic sexuality educator, devoted auntie, and the proudest mom ever.

She was named “Coolest Aunt” by her niece and nephew in 2018 and “Most Embarrassing Mom” by her daughter in 2020.


Driven to change what's not working.

Cat Lady

Owned by two crossed eyed ladies.

Sandwich Artist

Makes a sandwich so beautiful, you'll want to cry.

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Swings the sword of truth.

Barefaced...it's like a sigh of relief!

Comfortable, Carefree, Natural Conversations

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A Game Changer For Everyone

  • Families
  • Educators
  • Therapists
  • Friends
  • Dating
  • Long Term Relationships

How It All Started

On a Spring day in 2014 Nyssa pulled up to the school parking lot in her gold mini-van named Vagine. Her 6th grade niece, 2nd grade nephew, and 2nd grade daughter rushed in and asked “what’s an orgasm?” 

Nyssa explains, “I froze! I always new this day would come and thought I was hip and could handle it, but I felt totally unprepared. It turns out my niece had asked the teacher in charge of “health” class to define an orgasm, but the question was labeled as “inappropriate” with no further explanation. She felt ashamed and confused. My heart broke for her, and I was disappointed that sexual pleasure was considered inappropriate. 

At recess, classmates told my niece everything they they knew about orgasms; information gathered from mainstream media and free porn. I had no idea young kids were learning so much about sex from the internet; for better or worse. I tried to clear up the confusion by stammering through my own explanation of an orgasm. That was the moment I realized that even though I was cool enough to name my mini-van Vagine, I still had a lot to learn about raising kids in modern times.

The more I started talking to other parents (and kids), the more I realized young people were sorely lacking guidance into sexual maturity. Schools barely scratched the surface of what needed to be talked about. Most parents weren’t aware of the vast amounts of sexualized media their kids were taking in, and felt uncomfortable talking about sexuality with their kids. Youth were being bombarded with misinformation they saw as truth, yet were too uncomfortable talking about sex with the adults in their lives to learn otherwise. I wanted to help, so I decided to become certified in Holistic Sexuality Education and went on to create Barefaced.

I believe sexuality is at the core of who we are, and that sexually healthy individuals are the foundation of healthy societies. Throughout history, the pendulum has swung from left to right between sexuality norms. I believe the time is ripe to create a new normal by promoting honesty, acceptance, and sexual well being.”

Common Questions About Barefaced Game

Sex-positive people who want to have fun while normalizing conversations about sex and sexuality. 

People who are against masturbation, gender non-conformity, and various sexual orientations probably won’t like playing Barefaced. Also, those who think “abstinence only” sex education is ideal (even though research shows it’s harmful and ineffective). 

You won’t be asked to reveal anything private, but if you’re not used to having open conversations about sex and sexuality it may feel strange at first. Just play a few times and it will start to feel like no big deal (It becomes “normalized”).

Barefaced is an educational game designed to encourage sexual health and well being. It’s way more appropriate than what mainstream media is bombarding them with.

Nope. We live in a world with thousands of years of sexual shame lurking everywhere. It can be a difficult subject matter to talk about, even for sex-positive people. Playing Barefaced helps break down these walls of shame.

The 2014 CDC School Health Profile reported less than 1/2 of all high schools and only 1/5 of all middle schools in the US teach all 16 essential sex education topics recommended by the CDC. Research shows parents and caregivers can be the most ideal sex educators for their kids because they can respond to their questions and individual needs.

No. Research shows that adolescents who have consistent, open conversations with their parents about sex are less likely to be sexually active at a young age and more likely to act responsibly when they feel ready.

Try getting creative by choosing a card as a conversation starter. You could temporarily omit cards that you know will cause resistance. Or, just leave the game out to be browsed through whenever. Create an opportunity and see what happens!

Barefaced means shameless, which can be good or bad depending on the context…kind of like sex. The game is about education, empathy, and a little luck…also like sex. The logo is an illuminating message on the wall of shame preventing open communication. Break down those walls, and the sky’s the limit!

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Conversations about sexuality flow effortlessly and spontaneously.

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Omit the cards you don't want or just choose one as a conversation starter.

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Get to know yourself and others while connecting and having fun.

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Designed to embrace any gender, orientation, and relationship style.

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