All About Barefaced

and some FAQ’s

Nyssa and her cat

Hello! My name is Nyssa

The name Nyssa means “to aim high” and that’s what I do. I want to help make the world a better place and have fun while doing it.  

I became a Certified Holistic Sexuality Educator when I realized school was teaching my kid sexual shame and porn was teaching the sex ed.

I created Barefaced game as a way to help normalize conversations about sex and sexuality and to help other teens and adults navigate these confusing times.


Sick and tired of doing what's not working.

Cat Lady

Owned by two crossed eyed ladies.

Creative Dynamo

Wields an overdeveloped right side of the brain.

Freedom Fighter

Swings the sword of truth.

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Proud graduate of ISEE
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Proud ambassador of The Porn Conversation

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Frequently Asked Questions

Sex-positive people who want to have fun while normalizing conversations about sex and sexuality. 

People who are against masturbation, gender non-conformity, and various sexual orientations probably won’t like playing Barefaced. Also, those who think “abstinence only” sex education is the ideal way to go (even though research shows it’s harmful and ineffective). 

You won’t be asked to reveal anything too private, but if you’re not used to having open conversations about sex and sexuality it may feel strange at first. The more you play, the easier it gets.

Barefaced is an educational game designed to encourage sexual health and well being. It’s more appropriate than what kids are exposed to online!

Nope. Most kids won’t bring up sex and sexuality on their own. It can be a difficult subject to talk about, even with permission. Playing Barefaced is an easy way to break the ice.

The 2014 CDC School Health Profile reported less than 1/2 of all high schools and only 1/5 of all middle schools in the US teach all 16 essential sex education topics recommended by the CDC. Research shows parents and caregivers can be the most ideal sex educators for their kids because they can respond to their questions and individual needs.

No. Research shows that adolescents who have consistent, open conversations with their parents about sex are less likely to be sexually active at a young age and more likely to act responsibly when they feel ready.

Try getting creative by choosing a card as a conversation starter. You could temporarily omit cards and work up to them. Or, just leave the game out. Sometimes playing with friends helps too.

“Barefaced” means shameless. Being shameless can be good or bad, depending on the context. The Barefaced logo hangs on a wall. Break down that wall, and the sky’s the limit!

illustration of people talking


Conversations about sexuality feel natural, not forced.

illustration of a group and a target


Create opportunities for informative discussions.

illustration of person with smile and a heart


Casual way to talk about important subjects, and have a good laugh.

illustration of hands and hearts


Welcoming to any gender and sexual orientation.

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