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7 Reasons Sex Ed in School Isn’t Enough

Sex ed in school, if it’s offered at all, isn’t gonna cut it. 


Here’s a list of seven reasons why it’s important to keep having conversations about sex and sexuality where it matters the most…at home.

1. Research shows the percentage of schools teaching sex ed has actually declined. The kids who do get it, often aren’t taught what they should be. 

2. Fewer than half of high schools, and only 20% of middle schools, covered all 16 essential sexual health topics recommended by the CDC.

3. 88% of schools allow parents to exempt their kids from sex ed class. Your kid may know a thing or two, but the person they date may not have a clue.

4. Most health teachers aren’t certified sex educators. Discomfort with the subject matter can be passed on to your kid. 

5. 40-45% of high schoolers are never taught about the different methods of birth control, and close to half don’t know how to use a condom correctly. In middle school, it’s only 10%.  

6. Fewer than 6% of teens said their health class included LBGT related topics.

7. Parents and caregivers know their kids the best. Conversations at home can be customized to suit their unique needs.

Keep those conversations flowing!


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